Let’s make health and wellness a focus! Be Motivated!

What happened to those New Year’s Resolutions? Now its summer and we are all thinking about “why don’t I have my summer body?.”  Let’s make the following our goal for the remainder of the year Be Healthy Be Happy Be Well!

Health and Wellness is the talk of the town! Time to get down to basics, make realistic goals, become a planner and transform your daily existence from one of chaos to one of balance.

Simply Health’s Life Balance Approach takes into account that each area of our lives affects how we feel about ourselves. In order to “Be Empowered,” we have to learn how to keep each dimension of our lives balanced. It is essential to understand that when one of our circles (Physical Environment, Nutrition, Interpersonal Relationships, Physical Movement, Mind-Body Connection, or Personal Growth and Development) is affected the other circles need to activate to keep your life in balance. Contact me to be coached in order to create balance and order in your lives!

Life Balance Approach

Be Balanced!


So the question is what area of your wellness wheel is pulling you out of sync?  Where do you need to start?  Here are my goals for 2018, please share yours and then we can work on the next stage, making it happen.  My goals:

Physical Movement:  I have set a goal to do a race this summer it is a 17 mile trail run/hike! Time to train: run, yoga, hike

Mind Body Connection:  Yoga yoga this is so helpful to me I am moving, stretching, strengthening and at the same time breathing.

Physical Environment: Keep my desk organized and up to date

Interpersonal Relationships:  Work on being present whether on the phone or spending time with others.  Putting my phone away at meals and when in a conversation.

Personal Growth and Development:  Make a commitment to write one new blog a week and post an interesting article pertinent to my blog for my followers.

Nutrition:  continue eating a whole foods nutritional diet on a regular basis and also enjoy food to the fullest when presented with a wonderful eating experience.


Share just one goal for this upcoming month!  Time to Be Motivated, Be Empowered and Be Healthy Be Happy Be Well.  So…. how do we do this? There is not one plan that works for everyone.  Each individual has different goals and different ways of achieving them.  Hearing what others do helps all of us.

Share your goals!!!

Share what helps you to stay motivated and accountable!!!!!



Check out this article too it is a woman’s journey of a year of unprocessed whole foods. Be Motivated!




Why Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Well is a balanced approach and how it transformed my life!!!

How Be Healthy Be happy Be Well Transformed My Life


The Life Balance Approach and Me:

**My son Brandon wrote this blog as a birthday gift to me.  He continues to be one of my biggest fans and a supporter of me as a health coach and a mom.  Thank you Brandon for believing in me as I have believed in you and will continue to do so each and every day.  I love you to the moon, the stars the universe!

As a middle school boy, despite what you may think, living a balanced and healthy life was not my most pressing concern. I was concerned with recess football, practical jokes, and the opportunity to ichat girls after school.  Everything changed, however, when I went to the doctor to get my yearly checkup: I was obese according to my BMI, my cholesterol was too high, and the doctor suggested that I change my diet.

As a young kid, having a doctor tell you that you cannot eat all the junk food I loved felt like someone was taking away a big piece of my life. I loved food! My family always laughed about the endless plates of food that I would fill up at dinner, and they even called an overly big bite of food a “Brandon Bite.”

The night after I went to the doctor, I hopped in a car to go to Buffalo Wild Wings with friends before a movie. I had just found out that I couldn’t eat unhealthy food, and I needed to somehow circumvent the junk that would be thrown in my face at both the restaurant and the movies. After a night of avoiding wings and popcorn, I went home, saw my mom, and I immediately started tearing up. I didn’t understand why I had to be different, and I didn’t understand why I now had to worry about everything I ate.

What my mom would go on to explain to me would change my thinking and continues to affect how I act today; she said that everyone should be able to go to the movies and eat a bowl of popcorn, if that isn’t their routine every day.  What my mom said that day underlines the mantra of the Be Healthy Be Happy Be Well blog, balance is the key to success. My mom and I began to develop a plan that allowed for me to eat healthier and be more active while still being a normal kid.

Before discussing how I should eat or proceed, my mom and I discussed basic nutrition, weight, and health. We discussed which types of foods were important to stay away from if I wanted to lose some weight and reduce my high cholesterol, and we talked about why it was important for me to do so.  Balance quickly became the main topic of discussion as I learned to eat nutritiously on a regular basis without giving up all the food that I loved. I found that I should eat normally in social situations and at school, but I should control my meals and my snacking while at home. Although changing my habits was difficult and did not happen overnight, the balance and newfound control in my life became an integral part of my happiness.

My mom taught me that healthy, happy living is not about giving up everything unhealthy, but rather it is the process of learning to balance the healthy with the unhealthy. I never cut out Pizza. I never cut out Pasta. I never cut out ice cream, and I never cut out chicken parmesan, but my cholesterol returned to normal levels, my weight fell below the BMI obesity, and the doctor no longer suggested I change my diet. I balanced the good with the bad, and I began to equate my good eating decisions with happy and healthy life decisions.

On the heels of Thanksgiving dinner, I have no regrets about the 2 pounds of stuffing, liter of gravy, or full pie that I shoveled down my mouth because I love Thanksgiving, and I look forward to stuffing my face on turkey day every year. For the next couple days, however, I might think about heading to the gym or eating a couple of healthy meals.


2018 Healthy nutritious ideas for your family: BE NUTRITIOUS

7 Nutritious ideas for your family for 2018!

Here are 7 simple ways to help your family BE HEALTHY, BE HAPPY, BE WELL:

1. So Long Sugar: Get rid of the sugary junk food in your pantry! This even includes whole wheat bread, which can be replaced with whole grain bread (I love Dave’s Killer Bread) http://www.daveskillerbread.com

2. Portion Control: No more serving family style. Serve plated meals to regulate how much you and your family are eating. If we do not see extra food, we are more apt to feel satisfied with the portion in front of us!

3. Healthy Snacks at Home: Toss the potato chips, cookies and junk food and fill your pantry with healthy and nutritious snacks your whole family will enjoy:
• Guacamole & Salsa with whole grain corn chips or beanito chips http://www.beanitos.com
• Hummus with carrots, celery and cucumber
• Nut butters (check for no added sugar) such as peanut butter, almond butter, and cashew butter to eat with apples or bananas
• Apple sauce with no added sugar
• Fruit smoothies (adding protein before or after athletic activity is a great way to stay fuller longer)
• Whole oat muffins http://www.bowlofdelicious.com/2014/07/03/banana-blueberry-oat-muffins/

4. Involve the Whole Family: Plan meals with your children so they are excited about what they are going to eat.

5. Cut the Simple Carbs: Carbohydrates turn to sugar which ultimately turns to fat. It is especially important to skip carbs at nighttime to help maintain a healthy weight. Add healthy carbs such as fruits and vegetables and try protein-rich pasta alternatives such as Banza chickpea pasta https://www.eatbanza.com.

6. After School Snacks: If you’re kids are anything like mine, they are always on the move from school to the next activity. Bring snacks in the car that are nutritionally rich, not messy and kid-friendly (see number 3). If they need some extra sustenance, try adding nut butter and jelly to Dave’s Killer Bread or fresh roasted turkey (no nitrates) with some mustard and cheese.

7. Breakfast is not Optional: Eating first thing in the morning gets both your brain and metabolism moving. Research shows that eating a nutritious breakfast helps kids perform better in school and maintain a healthy body weight. I used to take breakfast orders at night so I was prepared in the morning. Checkout this quick segment on  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgxTxJxyZJk for some healthy breakfast inspiration.



Be! Motivated!

Be Motivated! Health and Wellness!

The goal of the week to Be Motivated! Is to set an intention to improve your Health and Wellness by committing to elevate one or two dimensions as outlined below.

To give you a little background. Just a year and half ago I finished my Masters degree in Health and Wellness coaching with a concentration in Nutrition and Exercise. The purpose of being a coach is to help clients discover the best ways to achieve their goals and aspirations, as well as, create a sense of balance amongst the different dimensions of Health and Wellness. Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Well helps clients examine their lives by looking at the following dimensions:

Life Balance Approach:

Be Balanced!


Motivation to change is the first step in achieving this balance. Without motivation it is nearly impossible to create positive change in any of these areas. For week one pick one or two areas that you want to bring about a genuine shift towards your ultimate goal. Here are some concrete ideas to help you commit:

Nutrition: Work towards eating a whole foods diet and eliminating processed foods
Interpersonal Relationships: Be empathic to someone who needs you or do something “nice” for others
Physical Movement: Set a goal to exercise. If you do not already have an exercise practice commit to walking 3x this week for 30 minutes each time. If you already have an exercise practice commit to a new personal goal.
Mind-Body Connection: Choose a practice to be “mindful” some ideas might be to meditate, take a yoga class, or simply be in the moment (put away your cell phone an hour a day and just Be!).
Personal Growth and Development: This could be as simple as read an article about a topic of interest, read a book, commit to learning something new.
Physical Environment: Clean out that junk drawer or even reorganize a closet. Order helps create calm!

There is no right or wrong. Everyone’s journey is unique and personal. If you need any help or affirmation reach out to me through my website, BeHealthyBeHappyBeWell.com, or feel free to share with Facebook your goals!

Healthy breakfasts on the go!

Healthy Breakfast on the go!

I am deeply excited about being a part of Snow-Motion and doing health tips for this television show.  The first episode was “Healthy Breakfast Before Skiing.”  This can be translated to a healthy breakfast to start your day or before exercise. 

Reasons to eat a nutritious and healthy breakfast:

  1. Need to refuel our systems and start our metabolisms to give energy to our brains and muscles.
  2. Helps us to perform optimally by replacing our glucose stores which fuels our brain and our muscles.

It is important to have a balanced breakfast that combines protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Protein is needed to build and repair muscle tissue and carbohydrates are needed to fuel our bodies.  Fats are an additional source of energy.  The ratio of protein to carbohydrate can vary greatly for individuals and depends on the duration of exercise.  The best way to approach this is to make sure you are eating nutritionally rich food.  The most important of which are your carbohydrates.  Just any carb won’t do.  For example, white bread is nutritionally poor versus something like a whole grain bread that has complex carbohydrates which can be broken down into quick glucose for quick energy as well as stored as glycogen for later use.

So…. this is what I suggest:  nutritionally rich organic food.  I also recommend experimenting we are all different and what fuel’s one person may not work optimally for the next.

Here is some interesting information:

Eggs:  eggs are a total protein containing all 9 of the essential amino acids.  They are low in calories and high in the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthine.  Bottom line they are an amazing source of protein and other nutrients.

Avocado:  Avocado’s are considered a super food supplying rich in healthy monounsaturated oil (18 to 30 percent oil in each avocado)

One of the most nutrient-dense foods, avocados are high in fiber and, ounce for ounce, they top the charts among all fruits for folate, potassium, vitamin E and magnesium.

Dave’s Killer bread with seeds it contains 5 grams of protein per slice, 700 mg of omega 3 and 25 grams of Carbohydrate

  • Eat with peanut butter, cashew butter or almond butter, turn it into a sandwich and add some organic no sugar added jelly
  • Smear with avocado to add healthy fats
  • Make a serious protein packed sandwich with some eggs, canadien bacon and cheese

Love grown super oats with chia and quinoa:  this has 7 grams of protein per serving and 26 grams of carbohydrates

Steel cut oatmeal:  5 grams of protein per serving and 28 grams of carbohydrates.

  • For both oat meals add a pat of butter and some organic honey
  • Eat with some fresh fruit

Here are some great healthy breakfast ideas:

Healthy Breakfast

  1. Breakfast one would be an egg sandwich on Dave’s killer bread with any of the following toppings: avocado, cheese or canadien bacon or all three
  2. Love Grown Super Oats with a pat of butter and some organic honey, a bit of avocado sliced on the side
  3. Avocado on Dave’s killer bread
  4. Two slices of whole grain or Dave’s killer bread with peanut butter, cashew butter or almond butter, add some organic no sugar added jelly
  5. Whole grain pancakes made with organic eggs, this gives you the carbs, protein from the eggs and milk and some fats from the butter you make them in. Add some organic maple syrup and you have the perfect blend of protein, carbs and fats.

Disclaimer:  I am a certified Health and Wellness Coach, any products mentioned or recommended on behealthybehappybewell.com are my personal opinion based on nutritional content as is claimed by the product themselves.  I have not been paid or received any goods in trade for my recommendations.




Welcome to Simply Health: Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Well

Welcome to my website, I look forward to going on a journey with each and every one of you, that will lead you to being healthy, happy and well.  An important part of the journey is learning what in our lives causes us to go out of balance and the best ways to re-establish our equilibrium.


Life Balance Approach:

Be Balanced!


Simply Health’s Life Balance Approach takes into account that each area of our lives affects how we feel about ourselves.  In order to “Be Empowered,” we have to learn how to keep each dimension of our lives balanced.  It is essential to understand that when one of our circles (Physical Environment, Nutrition, Interpersonal Relationships, Physical Movement, Mind-Body Connection, or Personal Growth and Development) is affected the other circles need to activate to keep the circle in balance.  


Real life vignette of getting out of balance:


This is a super embarrassing story but what better way to connect than to bare my own faults.  Last Friday I drove from my home in Vail, Colorado to Boulder, Colorado.  I was looking forward to having dinner with my son that evening, attending a board meeting the following morning and then heading to Denver to help my daughter move.  Well… upon arriving at the hotel they could not find my reservation.  At approximately the same time I received an email responding to an earlier message I had sent telling me I was in Boulder a week too early for the Board Meeting.  I was already feeling like I was juggling too many balls in the air as I was working on setting up my business, taking care of my husband who just had back surgery and filming my first episodes for Snow-Motion, as well as keeping up with exercising, eating healthy and the myriad of other responsibilities we all have in our lives.  


For a brief moment I stood at the check-in desk at the hotel in complete embarrassment and disbelief (tears brimmed momentarily).  Wow, big mess up.  A few deep breaths (Mind-Body Connection)  and I arranged for a room at the hotel that evening, discovered I had some extra time and could go for a run in the beautiful 73-degree weather (physical movement) and could also be available to help my daughter for the entire next day not just the afternoon (Interpersonal Relationships).  This sojourn also gave me some much needed “me” time.  


It is difficult to balance all the parts of our lives but without the 6 dimensions in our lives we are not balanced.  The goal is to use the different dimensions to take up the slack when one is lacking. Once I regrouped I felt Empowered and was able to face the rest of my day with confidence and humility.


Be Healthy, Be happy, Be Well!


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